Prof. Walter Baets

Prof. Walter R. J. Baets past Dean/Director of the Graduate School of Business of the University of Cape Town, Allan Gray Chair in Values Based Leadership. Previously he was Associate Dean at Euromed Management Marseille, first for programs, then for research and eventually for social responsibility and innovation. Before joining Euromed Management, he held academic positions in Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain, and he has more than 10 years of corporate experience.  He graduated in Econometrics and Operations Research at the University of Antwerp (Belgium) and did postgraduate studies in Business Administration at Warwick Business School (UK).  He was awarded a PhD from the University of Warwick in Industrial and Business Studies and a Habilitation (Senior Doctorate) of Paul Cezanne University, Aix-Marseille III, France (on the quantum interpretation of innovation).  He has been a Visiting Professor in France, Belgium, India, Russia and the US. Most of his professional experience was acquired in the telecommunications and banking sector.  He has substantial experience in management development activities in Russia and the Arab world.

From the very beginning of his academic career he has developed a keen interest and research output in the consequences of complexity (theory) on management, leadership and innovation. Already in 1998, he published “Organizational Learning and Knowledge Technologies in a Dynamic Environment” with Kluwer Academic a profoundly researched academic investigation in complexity theory and the impact on organizational learning and knowledge management in particular.

Many of his publications have deepened this understanding. He was amongst others invited, also in 1998, to be guest editor of a special issue of Accounting, Management and Information Technology on Complexity in Management. He was the author of “Complexity, Organisations and Learning: the quantum interpretation of business”, published in 2006 with Routledge.  He co-authored with Gert Van der Linden “The Hybrid Business School: Developing knowledge management through management learning”, published by Prentice-Hall in 2000 and “Virtual Corporate Universities”, published 2003 by Kluwer Academic.

Along with Bob Galliers, Walter co-edited “Information Technology and Organizational Transformation: Innovation for the 21st Century Organization” also published in 1998 by Wiley.  In 1999, he edited “Complexity and Management: A collection of essays”, published by World Scientific Publishing. Recently his latest book was published with Springer (2005): “Knowledge Management and Management Learning: Extending the Horizons of Knowledge-Based Management”. He co-authored with Erna Oldenboom: Rethinking growth: social intrapreneurship for sustainable performance (Palgrave MacMillan, 2009), and recently, again with Erna Oldenboom a free downloadable book: Values Based Leadership in Business Model Innovation (Bookboon, 2013,

His research interests include: (Business Model) Innovation and Knowledge Management; Complexity, chaos and change (with a focus on values based leadership); A quantum interpretation of management, with a focus on consciousness as a corporate driver.

He is a an associate editor for Information & Management, member of the International Editorial Board of the Journal of Strategic Information Systems, the International Journal on Spirituality and Organizational Leadership, the International Journal of Complexity in Leadership and Management, Systèmes d’Information et Management. He has published more than 70 peer reviewed journal articles and more than 10 books. He is an NRF (National Research Foundation of South Africa) rated researcher, with extensive experience in executive education.