Dr. Simon Shapiro

Dr. Simon Shapiro was the chairman of the Bond Exchange of South Africa, and Group Treasurer and Chief Information Officer of Investec Bank before setting up a consultancy in London where his clients include  Royal Bank of Scotland, Macquarie Bank, First National Bank, and Investec Bank.  Recent consulting assignments include: risk, finance and treasury transformation programmes; innovation processes in retail banks; and peer-to-peer financing.    Simon’s speciality is in financial markets, innovation and strategic transformation. Invariably these have a high reliance on information technology where Simon has a solid track record.  Simon is unique in that he has developed and headed a full treasury, managed the enterprise IT function and aligned the disparate operations of Investec over two decades of intense growth.

Simon’s academic interests are aligned to his consulting business.  He is presently completing a DBA at Henley Business School and the International Capital Markets Academy. The research topic is “Investigating the relationship between stakeholder orientation and performance in large global banks between 2005 and 2009.” In conducting the research Simon has become an expert in the field of managing through the financial crisis and the regulatory response.