David Zidel

After graduating with a Bcom degree from Wits University, David joined the family financing business. He later returned to the Wits Business School to study for an MBA and graduated with first class passes in a number of subjects.

He then joined an IT company as an account manager, taking clients through the sale and implementation of various products. Thereafter he joined a consulting company, and specialised in value creation. He developed financial models that reflected the operation of the company. This enabled it to do “what if” analysis to measure the effect certain decisions would have on value created in the business.

David, on the request of the Wits Business School, agreed to lecture on their Certificate Programme for Management Development, which he has been doing on a free-lance basis since 1997. He has also lectured on the MBA and many other programmes.

David is the author of the book, Basic Business Calculations published in 2001. He specialises in ridding delegates of their fear of numbers and understanding how numbers work in business and in the sales process. The book has sold in excess of 17,000 copies in South Africa.

David is currently involved in a small training business, as well as assisting small companies to develop and undertaking 1 on 1 management coaching.

David won the best part-time lecturer of the year award at the Wits business school for 2010.  David will show you how to make things “count” and is well known for his easy lecturing style, motivational effect and sense of humour.